Peggy Richie

“Hoe kan ik hen laten willen willen wat ik wil, dat zij willen?”

Peggy is een podiumbeest die een sterke indruk nalaat. In 2011 schreef ze haar eerste boek ʻa speech of cakeʼ. Ze is een dynamische en enthousiaste persoonlijkheid, die mensen helpt om het beste uit henzelf te halen. Ze is zeer vertrouwd met NLP, (provocative) coaching, Rational Effectiveness, behavioral models, group dynamics en interculturele communicatie.

“This book is not another tool kit for presentation skills, doʼs and donʼts on non-verbal behaviour or tone of voice. My story is about how you remain yourself whilst at the same time be a successful speaker!”


“I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few brilliant people during my career as a speakerʼs coach. Sometimes I was blown away, even intimidated, by their business skills and way of communicating. However, when some of them were confronted with an audience, speaking in public, that strong business person seemed to vanish. The self- assured eloquence and determination seemed to disappear, just by adding a few extra people in the room.”


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