Murielle Marie is experte in sisterhood coaching en heeft in no time een internationale klantenportfolio opgebouwd. Ze organiseert jaarlijks The Sisterhood Retreat in Parijs en in mei 2017 schitterde ze op het TEDx podium in Sofia, Bulgarije met haar speech:

Don’t believe anything you think

“With me, it’s all about questioning what you think you can’t do, turning your dreams into a plan, and taking action. Yes, that’s right, you can’t change your life just by dreaming about it. Believe me, I know, I’ve been there! 

-Murielle Marie-

I’m a life and business coach with a strong focus on action-taking, women empowerment and sisterhood. I have a particular interest in overcoming anxiety and fear, living from a place of compassion and self-love, and a strong belief in the benefits of putting yourself first.

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