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Dutch, English, French

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speeches, keynotes, workshops, (career) coaching

Brigitte’s Talks:

Taking a step back? Gateway to happiness?
Downgrading, career step of the future?
Demotion: crisis or opportunity?
Finding your inner compass
Once a manager, manager for life?

Brigitte Ballings is Changemaker, Rolemodel & Expert in:

transition, resilience, demotion/downgrading, remotion, 
loss, putting a step back in your career,
 a new professional start, more happiness in your job and
 sustainable employability

Brigitte Ballings is the author of
‘A step back?
No way!’







Book launch with publisher Dirk Demuynck from Witsand Uitgevers







Interview with book coach Laurence Verwee



After her master in Roman Languages & Literature and her childhood dream to become a teacher, Brigitte Ballings (°1964) joined – almost by chance – a major financial institution, where she steadily developed a varied and successful career in business and HR functions. She took one step after another on the ladder, moving upwards all the time, up to senior management level.

Even so, she never felt fully happy. But she kept on going. And why not? Everything was going well, wasn’t it?

The real breakthrough came in 2012, when she was told that she either needed to take a step back in her career or else leave the company. This meant for her the start of the most fascinating period in her career and her life. She discovered her passion for coaching, sustainable employability, lifelong learning, resilience and authentic leadership. She found her true mission: inspiring people and helping them to move along their growth path towards ‘wholeness’ and greater authenticity. She wrote a book about her own experience of demotion, A step back? No way! (Witsand Publishers – May 2016 – April 2018 for the English version).

Today Brigitte left the company world behind her and focusses on Business and Life coaching with a specific focus on transition, resilience and career coaching.

She gives lectures and workshops in English, Dutch or French on topics such as demotion and related themes (resilience, inner compass, loss, …).

Brigitte lives with her partner in Strombeek and in Bredene. She reloads her batteries within nature, at the seaside or in the mountains. She’s passionate about enjoying life, hiking and writing.

Her motto is “We all have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one”.

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