WHO’s that GIRL behind Spotting You

Carina de Geest
chief investor in feminine changemakers, role models & experts
personal bookings & PR agent
mompreneur + queen wish: with daughter & son

“Inspiring rolemodels, their speeches, stories & talks are and have been life changing for me. Spotting You is a tribute to all these ‘Marvellous Voices’, from the past, the present and the future. I am immeasurable grateful for these Marvellous Voices. I owe them, one by one. For all their talents, beauty, wisdom and inspiration they give me every single day.

Marvellous is not a bit exagerated and stands for: Brave, Outspoken, Fair, Proud & Feminine.”

I eat, drink, breathe, sleep an dream

feminine empowerment 🙂 *

I invest in feminine speakers talent en

create stage opportunities for them.

* Quote gently loaned and adapted from
Carole Lamarque, Digital Influencers Marketing Expert, Belgium

Welcome, I am Carina De Geest, the Belgian founder of Spotting You and Marvellous Maske*-teers, based in the beautiful medieval city of light, Ghent. Spotting You is a Premium Club & Bookings Agency for feminine speakers. Marvellous Maske*-teers is the Facebook community of Brave, Outspoken, Fair, Proud and Feminine Voices.

I eat, drink, breathe, sleep and dream Feminine Empowerment. By matching for ‘my’ speakers their right audience and stage. If necessary, I build a stage for them by my own hands

I invest and influence in feminine visibility, resonance and impact. My mission is giving the feminine stories the audience and the impact they deserve.

I once did a test and it resulted in me being an Inventor, Researcher and Pioneer. This was 100 % correct.

I just love inventing new concepts, events and names.
I love working slow and good and exploring things thouroughly.
And it makes me really happy to discover new things and unlock them for a bigger than life audience.

So, as in: feminine speakers talent, beauty, wisdom and inspiration.



Carina de Geest was as a volunteer Leader of the Speakers Team of TEDxWomen Flanders 2016 and that suited her so well, she wanted more. She already organised FEE, together with Michèle Mees, the author of The Balanced Leader, the 1ste Philosophical-Feminist Salon in Gent.

Carina has 30 year experience in creative event organizing and speech writing in: marketing, media, publishing houses and government. She took up a pioneers role for businesses as Sanoma (women magazines), Medialogue (advertising company) and Unilever. Ze brought in several awards for government projects at the City Council of Gent and was the first Dutch speaking laureate of the Mont Blanc Writing Award.

Carina is the proud, creative & therefore maybe also a ‘bit’ menial-chaotic mom of Casper (19) and Margot (18) 🙂


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