* Start Spotting Me *

* Start-Spotting-Me * investeringsprogramma 5 augustus 2017

Is het voor jou tijd geworden, dat je publiek jou ziet, je story hoort en jouw impact voelt?
Dan is * Start Spotting Me * misschien een programma voor jou!

Let’s find out 🙂 !

Schrijf je in voor de eerstvolgende

Spotting You N°1 Infosessies op 5 augustus en 16 september 2017.




1. You become part of a Unique Premium Speakers & Change Makers Club.

2. Your Media & Real Life Visibility will rise.

3. Your Credibility is endorsed.

4. You will save Time & Energy.

5. You have access to creative Formats.

6. You can count on our Idealism, Investments & Engagement.


1. You become part of a Unique Premium Speakers & Change Makers Club

* 2 UN-speakers, 9 TED(x)-speakers, 6 Let’s Talk About 2016-speakers; coming: 6 Zeker van Haar Speech 2017-speakers
* More than speakers: a Tribe of 32 Change Makers & Innovative Role Models; and counting…
* Qualitative Networking on our Events
* Qualitative Networking in our social communities: Spotting You and Marvellous Maske*-teers
2. Your Media & Real Life Visibility will rise
* You will get 1 year of proactive inbound and outbound promotion in traditional and social media and towards event organizers.
* We offer you flexibility; according to your own investment choices & wishes:
from 1 full screen personal interactive profile VIP-page on www.spottingyou.be, till a ‘starting mention’ in the Global Spotting You-Line Up.
3. Your Credibility is endorsed
* We guarantee event organizers a portfolio of premium feminine speakers and change makers (f/m/x). See 1.
* Your credibility will augment while others recommend and endorse you.
4. You will save Time & Energy
* You don’t have to promote and ‘market’ yourself; we do it for you; with you.
* Same thing for agenda & fee-arrangements: we’ll handle this for you.
5. You have access to Creative Formats
* You prefer a personalized & customized format for your event or book launch? We’ll work something great out for you; with you.

6. You can count on our Our Idealism, Investments & Engagement

* I eat, drink, breathe, sleep and dream feminine empowerment :). Spotting You realizes this through creating visibility for feminine speakers.

You can count on my engagement, passion, goesting, time, energy, experience, expertise and also financial investment as your chief investor & influencer in feminine energy and your personal bookings en PR agent. This, however, always in balance with my own time and energy. I am – after all – the boss (= burn-out sweet survivor 😉 )


Live Performance

* We have seen you performing, either live or on video. (Liever live… 😉 )

Skills & Story

* You don’t need to have perfect and relaxed speaking skills.
* This is something we can work on, if necessary.
* We are always looking for: an Authentic Story
* Originality, either in topic or in point of view
* Idealism
* All themes
* Introvert, Extrovert, Rational, Intuitive, Private, Business… All are welcome.
* A sense of urgency & sharing
* A bit of Humour always works… 🙂
* Moedig / Courageous
* Mondig / Outspoken
* Fair / Fair
* Fier / Proud

* Feminien / Feminine

* = the Spoting You, Marvellous Maske*-teer Attitude
* We see The Bigger Picture; Always.
* We are united in Solidarity & Sisterhood.
* We believe in Generosity & Abundance.
* We treasure Open Minds,
* Creativity and, most of all

* Gratitude

* Start-Spotting-Me * investeringsprogramma 5 augustus 2017



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